First Blog Post

As the title suggests this is the first post in what will hopefully be a fairly regular log of my weekend and holiday excursions in the outdoors.

My main interests are climbing, mountaineering and trail running. I find the mental and physical demands of these activities very rewarding and a nice contrast to being in an office environment during the week.

Living just outside of Glasgow we are fortunate to have some of Scotland’s best scenery and mountains only a few hours drive away. My interest in the outdoors began as with many Scots through Munro bagging. Since then I’ve tried to increase my endurance fitness, technical skills and difficulty of routes. Still a long way to go and plenty of routes in the logbook wishlist.

As well as getting out in Scotland we have also been lucky to make several trips to the alps so some posts might be a bit old.

This blog is really a reminder of what I’ve been up to (should have started years ago) but if you have any questions about routes etc please feel free to get in touch.