Aiguilles Marbrees, PD

With the Tour Ronde and Dent d’Geant both out of condition Laura and I didn’t want to waste our an early morning rise at the Torino Refuge by heading straight back to Chamonix

We decided the Aiguilles Marbrees would be a nice relaxing half day objective, allowing us to rest/sunbathe at the midi station later in the day.

It was worth hanging off for the sun to begin rising before getting going. The approach is short and didn’t pass under any potential rock fall.


Dent d’Geant at first light. Love how the glacier is snapping off.


the Marbrees, taken on the way back

Due to rockfall on the east ridge which had apparently stripped the abseil bolts we approached from the Col du Geant and turned into the Col de Rochfort. This gave an amazing panorama across the Geant glacier, the approach is only about 1 hour from the Torino. img_0327

The ridge leading the summit consists of big blocks which can be easily climbed in dry conditions. We did end up turning a few of them but this led to very chossy ground, it would be better to stick to the crest all the way to the summit.


summit before breakfast

Again due to the dry conditions we reversed the route rather than making the more popular traverse. A ver y enjoyable way to spend some early morning hours. All the while sneaking in some acclimatisation.


coming off the ridge


snow desert 


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